Estonia is one of the most forest-rich countries in Europe with 2.3 million hectares of forest land covering over 50% of total land area.

Estonia has strong own wood-processing industry in sawnwood, plywood and pellet production. Majority of pulpwood is exported to Nordic countries, and today Estonia is an integral part of Nordic forest industry companies’ wood supply area.

The interest towards Estonian forestland has grown steadily over the years among the professional forest owners. The forestland market has grown from EUR 50 million market p.a. in 2012 to EUR 110 million market p.a. in 2022.

The biggest private forestland owners in Estonia are forest funds from Finland and Baltics and forest industry companies from Estonia and Sweden. The most recent newcomers on the markets are forest funds and insurance companies from Central Europe.

Dasos funds are the fifth largest private land owner in Estonia.

Source: Estonian Land Board