Dasos will participate in the Global Cork Conference 2023 in Portugal, in May 2023, organised by APCOR, the Portuguese Cork Association and deliver a key note presentation on the role of cork forests as an investment. Cork forests are a diverse ecosystem that can provide value and diversification benefits to an investment portfolio. Natural Capital encompasses all potential revenue streams, including non-monetary values, of a cork forests. Dasos will discuss the investor’s view in this unique asset class and provide some examples on how to combine the environmental conservation, sustainable natural resources management and good relations with local community and society.

Cork oak forests form one of 35 global biodiversity sanctuaries with over 160 species of birds, 24 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 37 species of mammals. Dasos has included cork oak in the Iberian Peninsula in its portfolio since 2014 and is looking to further diversity the investment portfolios to include cork oak forests and manage them sustainably.

For further information, please contact Tapani Pahkasalo tapani.pahkasalo@dasos.fi