Enhancing EverGreen.

Wooden Living (and office building) extends the reach

In 2016, University of Helsinki launched a research project focusing on consumer needs and development of innovative business networks regarding wood-based industrial multi-storey building. Dasos has been partnering the research project from the beginning (see http://www.woodenliving.net/in-english.html).

The focus of the project has been assessing and developing innovative and efficient models for networking in the wood-based building. The study has also been associated with building a Wood Vision 2025 in Finland, involving also comparable research between the developments in the field of wood-based building in Finland, Sweden and Austria.

During the course of the study by 2020, major evolution has taken place in the field of wood-based building in Europe, not least in Nordics, including Finland.

First, a completely new line of wood processing business has emerged in Sweden and Finland, following the launch of several cross-laminated-timber (CLT) production lines with the associated construction engineering services, opening the scope to realise the full scale of the technological break-through available in the wood-based construction. Second, several massive wood-based urban building projects have already been realised and new ones are continuously announced in the main cities of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Third, wood is increasingly preferred also in modern office buildings, not only in living and public spaces.

In conclusion, the demand for wood-based construction demonstrates the convergence towards a critical mass with an increasing end-use diversity whilst the technology and engineering have reached an established entrée. The development underlines the scope of Dasos for sustainable use of wood and mitigation of climate.