Enhancing EverGreen.

Dasos invests into environmental value

To enhance biodiversity management and carbon sequestration, Dasos Habitat Fund invests in a forest property at a lake site in Finland, where an existing nature protection area is now extended with an additional area reserved for voluntary nature conservation. The site now covers practically the whole lake and the surrounding forest areas. The wider area is known for birdwatchers and for sports fishing as well as tourism. The area is subsequently managed for conservation and biodiversity.

Another site, that will be dedicated to voluntary nature conservation, consists of a property with a river flowing through, forming a steep canyon like river path and surrounded with vast forest areas. The forest is developing into a valuable forest habitat site, already containing amounts of dead wood that is decaying. The area is remote with remarkable peacefulness, hosting a diversity of species including several bear winter nests found in the site.

Furthermore, Dasos Habitat Fund is extending an existing nature reserve located in a peninsula in Southern Finland by investing in a voluntary nature conservation initiative. The forest site contains small streams and water sources in an area of mature forests and has structural diversity containing large individual trees, representing also a carbon storage.

Dasos Habitat Fund seeks to invest in Natural Capital assets by contracting ecosystem services for the benefit of the society and the economy in terms of climate change mitigation and biodiversity.

For further information, please contact Tapani Pahkasalo, tapani.pahkasalo@dasos.fi.