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Wood-based construction and real estate drive the market – a new EUR 200 million LVL mill to Finland

Metsä Group is planning to construct a new Kerto® LVL mill on its expanding mill area in Äänekoski, Finland. Mass timber products such as Kerto® LVL applied increasingly in real estate projects store carbon over a long period of time. Driven by efforts to mitigate climate change in the field of real estate, the demand for resource-efficient and environment friendly mass timber continues strong.

The value of the planned investment is approximately EUR 200 million, and the new Kerto LVL mill is expected to use around 375,000 cubic metres of log procured from Finland, sourced largely from the surrounding, sustainably managed vast forest resources.

According to plans, the production of the new mill will be mainly sold to customers in Europe and Asia. The market outlook is excellent for lightweight, environmentally friendly Kerto LVL products that speed up construction, especially in industrial prefabrication, modular construction and traditional project construction. The development of a hybrid element structure combining concrete and Kerto LVL products has also made good progress and will further boost demand.

For further information, please see https://www.metsagroup.com/en/media/all-news/Pages/News.aspx?EncryptedId=6FB703EBC83CFAB3&Title=MetsaGroupisplanningtoinvestEUR200millionintheconstructionofaKerto%C2%AELVLmillinAanekoski