Enhancing EverGreen.

Electrification estimated to require 13 times more onshore wind capacity by 2050, implying strong demand for forestland as a platform

In its fresh study, Sitra fund (http://www.sitra.fi) estimates that the power sector in Finland will undergo significant transformation with respect to its size and structure over the next 30 years. To meet increasing demand resulting from widespread electrification, the generation capacities will more than triple by 2050. The study finds that the most cost-efficient source of zero-emission energy would be onshore wind. So far, as well as for future, forestland provides an essential platform for onshore wind farm locations.

Sitra concludes that over 80% of the generation capacity additions are onshore wind. The onshore wind capacity will expand from the current 3.5 GW to 14 GW by 2030, to 34 GW by 2040, and finally to 47.2 GW by 2050, i.e. the onshore wind capacity will grow during the next 10 years alone by 400%. Such an increase would imply a remarkable additional demand for forestland as platform for zero-emission energy.

For Sitra study, please see https://www.sitra.fi/en/publications/enabling-cost-efficient-electrification-in-finland/