Enhancing EverGreen.

The capacity value of renewable energy (wind & solar, biomass, waste) by Dasos forestlands estimated at EUR 2.5 bn

The war in Ukraine confirms the imperative quickly to reduce dependency on fossil-based energy. Such a move would also be very well aligned with EU Green Deal and climate-change objectives. Fortunately, forest resources and forest land provide an opportunity substantially to increase the generation of green renewable energy.

Wood fuels (small-scale combustion of wood, solid wood fuels in heating and power plants, black liquor and other concentrated liquors, other forest industry by-products and waste) currently sourced, directly and as side-products, from the forests of Dasos funds amount to some 1.4 Twh per annum.  Furthermore, Dasos forestlands are in the move to provide a remarkable land infrastructure for wind & solar power. The capacity for wind & solar when becoming fully implemented on Dasos forestlands would represent an additional production of some 7.5 TWh per annum.

The value of the capacity to generate such total magnitudes of renewable green energy is estimated at some EUR 2.5 bn on a present value basis.