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No delayed silviculture in Dasos forests

The European Union is seeking to replace Russian energy and roundwood imports with alternative sources. This means that more domestic energy and wood are required. Potentially, millions of tons of additional energy wood awaits for harvesting due to the silviculture works backlog which is worryingly common. In Finland, the area of sub-optimally delayed silviculture amounts to 770,000 ha within young forests only. Situation is similar in the Baltic countries.

However, such silviculture backlog does not exist in Dasos forests, irrespective of geography. Dasos inputs in silviculture are 2-3 times more than national averages per forest area unit. We estimate a responsible silviculture effort substantially to boost productivity of forestry. Value generated by a managed forest is about double in comparison to unmanaged forest.

For further information, please contact Petteri Seppänen, petteri.seppanen@dasos.fi