Enhancing EverGreen.

Over 40% of Finland´s energy consumption to be sourced from forestland by 2030

Finnish energy consumption on average for the past 10 year stands at 376 TWh.  Regarding the supply of energy, the role of forestland is currently increasing rapidly due to a growing number of wind turbines locating on forestlands.

Currrently, some 33% of the energy in Finland is supplied by forests. The bulk of the contribution is generated by wood fuels including small-scale combustion of wood, black liquor, and forest industry by-products whereas wind & solar on forestlands account for a smaller although a dynamically evolving share.

The ongoing revolution in the renewable energy sources driven by wind & solar is expected to expand the forest-based energy supply to over 40% of the total domestic energy market by 2030.

Sources: SITRA, Dasos Capital, SolarPower Europe