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Dasos Habitat Foundation signs a new biodiversity contract

In the context of Dasos BioD-Wind concept, Dasos Habitat Foundation has closed an offset-contract on biodiversity with Eurowind Energy, a Danish renewable energy company. The contract concerns Tielampi wind farm being developed in Lapinlahti, Northern Savonia, in Finland.

Tielampi wind farm is designed to avoid nature-loss to the extent possible. Residual impact on nature resulting from the wind farm, including the construction of the wind turbines and the transmission lines as well as the required road construction, will be offset. The offset is based on nature reserves by Dasos Habitat Foundation of the same habitat type being restored in the proximity of the park.

The contract is designed within the framework of the freshly updated Finnish Nature Conservation Act of 2023. The Act stipulates regarding the format and metrics for the measurement of biodiversity, allowing for the estimation of loss/gain. In particular, the methodology based on the Act facilitates quantifying the nature loss by a construction project such as a wind farm, as well as a positive impact to be created by means of nature restoration and conservation. The Act also sets grounds to record offset projects in a public registry subject to an approval.

For more information on the concept, please see https://www.environmental-finance.com/content/market-insight/the-birth-of-a-biodiversity-offset-market.html

For more information on the renewable energy project, please see https://eurowindenergy.com/insights/eurowind-energy-initiates-a-biodiversity-positive-wind-project-in-finland