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Forest certification is a voluntary instrument based on private initiative

Dr Markku Simula corrects some possible misunderstandings regarding forest certification:

  • Forest certification is a private sector instrument based on voluntary participation by the parties to be certified;
  • The minimum standards for forest management are defined by Law;
  • Forest certification aims at added value through higher standards than regulation;
  • Third party auditing of forest management as well as chain-of-custody of forest products contributes to law enforcement as unlawful operations cannot be certified;
  • The perspective of the government is the promotion of  legal compliance;
  • The role of the public administration in standard setting is the one of an neutral expert by providing information and helping to conclude a compromise (not to e.g. present additional requirements).


For the whole article, please see https://www.hs.fi/mielipide/art-2000008027281.html (in Finnish); https://www.hbl.fi/artikel/skogscertifieringen-ar-feltolkad/ (in Swedish)