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Rail Baltica moves forwards to connect Nordic and Baltic forests

In March 2021, the European Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on the Connecting Europe Facility confirming EUR 1.4 billion finance to the Rail Baltica Project. Rail Baltica is lined across several properties owned by Dasos Funds in the Baltics with additional value to the estates.

Rail Baltica is a greenfield rail transport infrastructure project with a goal to integrate the Baltic States in the European rail network. The project includes five European Union countries – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and indirectly also Finland. It will connect Helsinki, Tallinn, Pärnu, Riga, Kaunas, Vilnius and Warsaw. The entire Rail Baltica scheme stretches 750 km and is the largest Baltic-region infrastructure project in the last 100 years. Rail Baltica is set to be ready by 2026.

The purpose is to provide passenger and freight service between participating countries and improve rail connections between Central and Northern Europe. Furthermore, it is intended to be a catalyst for building the economic corridor in Northeastern Europe. Rail Baltica is one of the priority projects of the European Union.

The project will improve the connection of forests managed by Dasos to the remaining Europe in all five countries mentioned above bringing effectively the market and end-user closer to the forests.

For further information please contact Sami Veijalainen, sami.veijalainen@dasos.fi