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Onshore wind turbines located on forestland propel green hydrogen projects forward

Onshore wind turbines located on forestland play a vital role in facilitating green hydrogen production. CPC Finland Oy is planning to build 200 MW capacity green hydrogen plant in Kristiinankaupunki, Finland, while Flexens Oy Ab announced a similar project with 300 MW capacity in Kokkola, Finland. These green hydrogen plants require approximately 500-750 hectares of land infrastructure for the wind power production for electrolysis process.

Dasos Capital actively develops solar and wind power projects in Europe. In Portugal, Dasos has agreed to host both solar and wind power on its land for a green hydrogen project. A commitment in Ireland has been reached to host maximum of 450 MW storage capacity on Dasos land.

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Olli Haltia, olli.haltia@dasos.fi
Petteri Seppänen, petteri.seppanen@dasos.fi
Lauri Tenhunen, lauri.tenhunen@dasos.fi

CPC, Flexens