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NYC Forest Investment Conference

Tapani Pahkasalo from Dasos Capital will speak at the FEA-DANA International Forest Investment Conference, May 1–2, 2024 in New York. He will discuss the forestry and natural capital investment opportunities in Europe and tell why investments in Europe may potentially provide superior returns right now.

European forest industries are modern, new high value-add products are entering the markets, driving new investments and making the forest industries very competitive. Wood and fiber demand in Europe is at high level while there are severe external supply shocks re-shaping the markets. Scarcity of forests and wood is further exacerbated by high demand for biodiversity and carbon services of these same forests. Finally, green transition provides interesting revenue opportunities for forest owners by increasing demand for forests and infrastructure they provide in the form of biodiversity positive renewable energy production.

More info: https://getfea.com/conference/international-forest-investment-conference

Or contact Tapani Pahkasalo tapani.pahkasalo@dasos.fi