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Investments into New Forest Products announced in the Nordics

Spinnova (www.spinnova.com), a material technology company, and the world’s largest wood pulp producer Suzano (www.suzano.com.br) have announced an investment to build a commercial scale chemical free textile production facility in Finland. Spinnova’s sustainable fibre, created out of wood and waste without the use of harmful chemicals, will be available for global textile brands in 2022.

TreeToTextile (www.treetotextile.com), owned by players such as H&M (www.hm.com), IKEA (www.ikea.com) and Stora Enso (www.storaenso.com), is investing into a demonstration plant in Sweden. TreeToTextile offers a new technology to produce bio-based textile fibers with a low environmental footprint. The new fiber is a regenerated cellulosic fiber, produced from renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials from the forest.

A start-up venture Fintoil Oy (www.fintoil.com) has recently announced that it plans to invest in a new crude tall oil (CTO) biorefinery in Finland. CTO can be used in second-generation biofuel production and the chemicals, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Assuming everything goes according to plan, start-up of the biorefinery could be as early as in 2022.

For further information, please contact Petteri Seppänen petteri.seppanen@dasos.fi

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