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Investing in responsible and sustainable forestry profits both forest owners and society

Finsilva Oyj, one of Finland’s largest forest owners, will invest more than a fifth of its turnover from timber trade in forest management and natural capital in 2024. The investment per surface unit is 2–3 times more than in private forests on average. High levels of investment in forest management are not only economically viable, but also contribute to biodiversity and employment. The measures are focused on Finsilva’s core areas in southern and central Finland.

In 2023, Finsilva’s investments in forest management were approximately 6 million euros. The investments budgeted for 2024 are in the same size category. The investments will be used to implement measures related to soil preparation, forest regeneration, young stand management, nature management and forest road maintenance, among other things.

“We are an active forest manager and developer of forestry, whose investments in forest management have been at high level throughout our existence. From an economic point of view, the forest is our production machinery and the most important part of our natural capital, so it’s important to take good care of its condition,” says Juha Hakkarainen, CEO of Finsilva.

Hakkarainen points out that investments in forest management are financially profitable even though Finsilva is not entitled to subsidies available to private forest owners, such as the previous Kemera and current Metka subsidies.

“For example, early-stage management of a young forest will almost double the harvesting accumulation of the first commercial thinning while harvesting costs are halved. With the help of young stand management, first commercial harvests can be done earlier, and more quality timber is obtained already at the first harvest. Early management accumulates valuable timber and yield throughout the rotation period. This all translates directly into profitability,” Hakkarainen illustrates.

More biodiversity in the forest and work for rural areas

Competitive forestry requires that while forest management, thinning cuts and wood production are optimized, biodiversity and the fight against climate change are also considered. The same applies to social sustainability. Acting responsibly is a value in itself, but by developing the business environment, Finsilva also wants to create business from these investments.

“Thanks to significant investments, Finsilva can carry out goal-oriented and active forest management, including measures to increase forest biodiversity. Retention tree groups, protective thickets, biodiversity stumps, restoration, and buffer zones of natural waterways are examples of measures that increase forest biodiversity,” says Hakkarainen.

“Investments in responsible forestry are profitable not only for the forest owner, but also for society as a whole. As an example, Finsilva’s forest management investments employ around 60 person-years of work each year,” says Hakkarainen.

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Juha Hakkarainen, Finsilva, CEO

The Finnish company Finsilva plc specialises in the responsible and diverse utilisation of forest and natural capital. The company provides economic, social and ecological wellbeing by developing sustainable forestry and creating profitable business from renewable energy and environmental compensation. Finsilva owns roughly 130,000 hectares of well-managed forest, most of which is located in Southern and Central Finland. Finsilva is one of the leading private and independent forest owners in Europe. It is owned by the forest funds of Dasos, and Metsärahasto II Ky (Ilmarinen). http://www.finsilva.fi