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Forest Products Annual Market Review Published

Forest Products Annual Market Review, 2020-2021, has been published and available via https://unece.org/forests/publications/forest-products-annual-market-review-2020-2021

The publication covers the range of forest products from forest to end user – from roundwood and primary processed products to value-added, housing and wood energy.

The COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented impact on value-added wood product demand. The office-furniture segment has been a clear loser in the pandemic, with stay-at-home orders reducing demand. House renovation products on the other hand have experienced a boom, from terrace boards to house-expansion projects, driving demand for home renovation products such as window and door frames, mouldings and various engineered wood products.

The homeowners have continued investment in the expansion and improvement of their houses, thanks largely to financial boosts from stimulus packages, despite the rise in wood product prices. Building with wood has also been boosted by the introduction of CLT, particularly in markets with a lower share of wood construction. Global CLT production capacity was estimated at 2.8 million m3 in 2020, and actual production likely exceeded 2 million m3. Capacity continues to expand rapidly and may reach 4 million m3 by 2025.

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