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Forest certification progresses in private forests in Ireland

Foraois Growth Ltd, Arbor Forest Management Ltd. and PEFC Ireland are delighted to announce that Foraois Growth Limited’s portfolio of 4,400 hectares of forestry has recently been awarded PEFC certification. This portfolio, which comprises 181 individual forest properties spread throughout 16 different counties in Ireland, is operated locally by Arbor Forest Management Ltd.

Foraois Growth Ltd., owned by Dasos funds, is currently the second largest certified private forest owner in Ireland, and managed by Dasos Capital Ltd, a Finland based natural capital investment company.

Achieving certification was a priority for Foraois Growth Ltd., whose Directors are passionate about ensuring that forests are managed sustainably in accordance with environmental, social and economic requirements. The daily oversight and certification of the 4,400 hectares of forestry by Arbor Forest Management Limited’s nationwide team of foresters results in the generation of employment in rural locations as local contractors are engaged to provide services in planting, forest maintenance, forest road construction and harvesting, while the harvested timber is supplied to local sawmills.

The successful award of the PEFC Certificate is, according to John Roche, Managing Director of Arbor, “an endorsement of the professionalism of our team and our client’s commitment to sustainable forest management which in turn, benefits rural economies”. “Dasos is committed to sustainable forest management in Europe and elsewhere, and forest certification is a concrete indicator of that. Our mission is to deliver financial returns to our investors on a sustainable basis”, says Petteri Seppänen, Director of Foraois Growth.

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