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Dasos expands natural capital portfolio

Dasos Habitat Fund has invested into several properties in Central and Southern Finland where forests contain high environmental values. Rich forest soils in these areas have resulted in decaying wood in older forests, and areas contain broadleaf species and several small streams. The environmental values for some properties have also been recognised in the context of existing voluntary forest protection schemes whereas all areas will be certified according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The recent acquisitions also include a significant peatland area in South Ostrobothnia. The area is well known to local people, forming an important part of vast regional natural peatland ecosystem that is not drained. In particular, the area   combines the features of raised bogs (ombrotrophic bogs) and string bogs (aapa bogs). The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation had included the larger area on “100 Pearls of Nature” list to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence (100luontohelmea.fi). A variety of butterfly species live in the bog area, such as a rare Boloria frigga, Aspirates gilvaria and Erebia embla (Lapland ringlet). Variety of bird species also reside in the area and it is well known for bird watchers.   

Dasos Habitat Fund seeks to invest in Natural Capital assets by contracting ecosystem services for the benefit of the society and the economy in terms of climate change mitigation and biodiversity.

For further information, please contact Tapani Pahkasalo, tapani.pahkasalo@dasos.fi