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Dasos Expands Forest Conservation Areas

Dasos Habitat Foundation is currently executing acquisitions of several forest properties to be set under conservation under a habitat-focused fund structure. The total conservation by the fund is expanding to 3,500 ha.

The aim is to form larger, meaningful mosaic landscapes with connected biodiversity areas when feasible. Larger conservation entities typically facilitate more vital genepools with broader diversity.

The conservation entities under management so far by the fund are in average some 80 ha in size while private forest conservation areas in Finland are only some 2 ha in size, especially if formed in the context of forest certification. The fund is targeting forests with the gravity point of aged tree vintages.

Dasos Habitat Foundation is managing a specific fund strategy solely dedicated to forest biodiversity, carbon farming and conservation in the EU based on funds originating from institutional investors.

For more information, please contact Tapani Pahkasalo at tapani.pahkasalo@dasos.fi.