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Dasos executes 5 new conservation areas in in Northern Finland

Dasos establishes 5 new conservation areas totalling 88 hectares in the context of https://metsonpolku.fi/en/frontpage in the Northern Finland.

METSO-programme promotes Forest Biodiversity through conservation. The size of the conservation areas varies from 14-19 hectares, while private forest conservation areas in Finland are only of some 2 ha in average size.  The oldest pine and spruce trees growing on the conservation areas are between 160-200-year-old.  The conservation areas are also rich in dead- and decaying wood benefiting several species in the forest ecosystem. In addition, groves are found on the areas in which large-diameter aspen and other hardwoods provide a valuable environment for lichen, moss, and mushrooms.

The METSO-programme prohibits commercial use of the forests, but every man’s rights are not waived which means the public can enjoy berry picking and other recreational activities on these properties.

For further information, please contact Sami Veijalainen sami.veijalainen@dasos.fi