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Covid-19 Impacts on Value-Added Wood Products Trade

Forest Products Annual Market Review, 2019-2020, has been published (available via https://www.unece.org/index.php?id=55571). The market analysis covers the range of products from forest to end user – from roundwood and primary processed products to value-added, housing and wood energy. The 2020 edition contains some first analysis on Covid-19 impacts on forest products trade even if the pandemic is still on-going and impacts on forest sector continue to unfold.

Staying-at-home economy and working from home are shaping the way we consume furniture and home improvement products. Strong housing renovation segment has off-set some negative impacts caused by lower construction activity, stimulus packages are supporting infrastructure and other construction, and digitalization will not only support working from home but also drive online furniture sales. The pandemic has hastened structural changes already taking place in the value-added wood products and furniture industries. Please see the Market Review and Value-Added Wood Products chapter for more.

Direct download https://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/timber/publications/2020/SP-50.pdf.

Tapani Pahkasalo from Dasos is a co-author of the Value-Added Wood Products chapter in 2020, and regular contributor to the publication.

For further information, please contact tapani.pahkasalo@dasos.fi