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Consideration for forest-based carbon compensation in Finland

The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has launched an extensive set of measures with the aim to strengthen greenhouse gas reservoirs and sinks in the land use sector (agriculture, forestry and other), contributing to the target of Carbon Neutral Finland 2035.

The measures include a study that aims to bring light on the type of carbon compensation projects, the mechanisms, reporting and verification systems whereby CO2 emissions in the economy could be compensated by acquiring carbon sink services from the forestry sector. Through the scope for additional revenue in the forestry sector, such a trading mechanism would create an incentive for the production of more efficient forest-based carbon sink services for the benefit of the national economy. The study will also include an international comparison of different carbon compensation projects and regulation governing them.

For further information, see https://mmm.fi/en/-/maankayttosektorin-hiilikompensaatiohankkeista-tehdaan-esiselvitys