Dasos Timberland Fund II


Dasos Timberland Fund II was launched in December 2012. It has EUR 234.04 million of funds under management. At least 70% of the Fund’s assets will be placed in Europe and maximum 30% in emerging countries. The Fund seeks to achieve returns by exploiting inefficiencies arising from  increasing fragmentation of forest properties to non-active private ownership (restitution) and lack of quality forest management in Europe, whereas in emerging markets the main inefficiencies are related to lack of capital, technology, skills and quality standards as well as widening gap between demand and supply of wood.

The Fund aims at a well-diversified global timberland portfolio with European focus, combining the aspects of geographical, age, species as well as end-use diversification.

The portfolio combines mature and greenfield forest assets with an objective of generating early cash flow.

Dasos Timberland Fund II is regulated by Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) of Luxembourg. 

Dasos follows valuation and reporting standards of EVCA and FVCA with the asset valuation being based on IFRS.



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