Dasos Timberland Fund I


Dasos Timberland Fund I was launched in June 2009. It has MEUR 101.5 of funds under management. At least 40% of the Fund's assets are placed in Europe and maximum 60% in emerging countries. The Fund seeks to achieve returns by active planning, management and control of the forest assets to enhance value and mitigating risks associated with the management and development of timberland assets, and to exit when the investments have been de-risked via secondary sales to long term yield focused investors.

The Fund aims at a well-diversified global portfolio that combines the aspects of geographical, age and wood fibre as well as end-use diversification, and safe but acceptable returns in the Northern Hemisphere with high risk-adjusted returns in the emerging markets. The portfolio combines mature and greenfield forest assets with an objective of generating early cash flow. 

Dasos Timberland Fund I is regulated by Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) of Luxembourg. 

Dasos follows valuation and reporting standards of EVCA and FVCA with the asset valuation being based on IFRS.


Current Portfolio






Hijauan Asia Sdn Bhd


Acacia plantation            

Q1 2010          


Sustainable Forestry Finland Oy


Mixed natural forest         

Q2 2010


Estonian Sustainable Forestry Oü                


Mixed natural forest          

Q2 2010


Mielikki Timber Oy

Finland      Mixed natural forest Q4 2012  

Prime Resources sp z.o.o.

Poland Greenfield Q4 2012  

Quality Timber S.r.l.

Romania    Greenfield Q4 2012 Q4 2017

Karusambla Oü

Estonia Mixed natural forest Q2 2013  

SIA Arbolat


Mixed natural forest

Q1 2014


ROMFOR Sustainable Forestry S.r.l.


Mixed natural forest

Q3 2010

Q1 2012     

SIA Latvian Sustainable Forestry


Mixed natural forest

Q3 2010

Q2 2011


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